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02:21pm 27/10/2006
  Sorry homies, i've been brutal at managing this page. So here's the first update.

As of yesterday Damn am's goin down in Costa Mesa, CA and goes on until Sunday the 29th.

Check out the site at http://www.damnam.com/damnam/ for updates.

Canada's been pushing out a lot of talent lately, and for the last month since Am Getting paid, video premieres have been held at various dates across the country for Underworld's new video,(a shop based in Montreal and Vancouver) Yesterday's Future made by Jarvis Nigelsky. Check out http://www.underworld-shop.com if you're interested in purchasing the video once it's available. Here's a teaser to get you hyped.


California's the place to be. And http://www.calumonn.com is an awesome site, put together by Jeff Mikut, Kenny Sanders, Sierra Fellers, RealDeal, and a couple other locs, to kill some time watching plenty of skate footy or other random funny videos and cartoons. Or you could read the many funny, random or highly opinionated articles, or browse through the extremely random entertaining photos...it's basically one of the best random sites you will ever come across that mixes skateboarding and random humour. It's updated VERY often, so you'll never be bored for the rest of your life, or theirs, guaranteed.


YEEHAW! Check out the scene in Canada's Cowtown, famous for their annual stampede and the Flames Red Mile, Calgary Alberta at http://www.standalonemedia.ca. There's plenty of sick photos, quick updates, and a clip of the day.


Parles-Tu Francais? Me neither, or not well anyways. But you don't need to understand french to check out http://www.islandproductions.org. The site is loaded with updates on the montreal scene since it's forum based, and it's bilingual so you can find your way around. Many of the posts are in french, but you can still watch the videos and check out the pictures. Montreal has a bangin scene so don't miss out on this site, it's a gooder.

Another awesome bilingual site from just outside of Montreal is http://www.performanceboardshop.com There's two separate pages, one in french and one in english, that has plenty of video and photo updates that'll get you shouting "TABARNAC! SWEET HEY SWEET!" all day long.

Loud music AND skateboarding? Quebec city's Exo shop has a site that gives you both at http://www.exoshop.com You can order anything from boards, steez kits for both men and women, to UnderOath CD's and shirts. The site is also available in both english and french.

Can't find any sick vert ramps to skate these days? Montreal's indoor skatepark Orkus has one! 12ft tall, and 60ft wide, there's plenty of room to learn how to drop in and dink around in if you're a beginner, and not get in the way of homie who's pulling blunt to fakies and other sorts of vert wackness on the extension. There are also stair sets with cement ledges, a granite box, a roof gap...everything to keep you busy on a rainy day. Plus a built in skateshop and a snack bar upstairs, you got everything you need. http://www.orkus.ca

Female riders? Montreal has those too. Plenty of them, who aren't afraid to take a slam and can probably beat you in a game of skate or two. http://www.ruggedriders.com and http://www.Skirtboarders.com. If you're a female skateboarder who's down for a session, these are the girls to contact. They're very friendly and outgoing, and will take you out to all the skate spots AND the best spots to party after a sesh.


Heading up to Northern Alberta/B.C? Rigger please! Just make sure to check out Dark Flavour, a shop run in Grande Prairie and Fort St. John. http://www.darkflavour.com Probably one of my favorite shops I've ever encountered. There's two locations in Grande Prairie and one in Fort St.John. Then you can order from the site AND jam to some sick background beats while you're at it.


More updates later.
help me pls... 
07:58pm 21/01/2005
  hey guys. im new.. ok heres my situation.. justmoved to las vegas, im into skating and the whole scene, i love it... well i found a wicked awesome skate shop.. i asked the guy who owned the place if he was hiring.. he said heres what i gotta do to be hired.. build a deck(never done but im not thinking its too hard, i can use tools), grip? im not sure if he mean as in skating wise, or being able to put it on the deck, know all the brands and their symbols and what they stand for, i know most of the brands and their symbols, what they mean is a diff story.. but otherwise he said he'd love to have me, its just that being a girl, all the guys would criticize me more than they would a guy.. so can you all help me figure some of this out? it would be awesome of you guys.. thx xoxo chelle  
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Uh yeah 
11:10pm 12/08/2004
  Well this went for a good start. HOW THE FUCK DO I CUSTOMIZE THIS SHIT AND MAKE IT LOOK DECENT?!  
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